Re:Exactly Which Trade Secrets Am I Enjoined From Using?

In an excellent blog post , attorney Michael R. Greco refers to case IDG USA v. Kevin Schupp and the need to be specific when requesting an injunction and when drafting an order. This often presents a quandary in trade secret litigation because a detailed description reveals the trade secret you want to conceal. In some cases, filing under seal may be the answer.

Patent Litigators: If You Need a Preliminary Injunction, Where You File Your Case Matters

LegalMetric Research reports that success rates on contested preliminary injunction motions in patent cases is 30% nationwide.  But the success rate varies by district.  California Central’s win rate is 38% and New Jersey’s win rate is 40%.  Here is the link to LegalMetric.  Its full report costs several hundred dollars.

The report includes:

    • District and individual judge analysis of over 1300 Preliminary Injunction rulings.
    • Win rates for all districts having at least one decided Preliminary Injunction Motion in patent cases.
    • Length of time from motion filing to decision for all decided Preliminary Injunction Motions in patent cases.
    • Click here to view a typical district excerpt.