District Court's Finding re Likely Validity of '381 Patent

The district court agreed with Apple and found that Apple would be likely to withstand Samsung’s validity challenges at trial.
Interestingly, the court did not address Apple’s point about the ‘381 successful re-exam. Rather, the district court walked through the prior art references Samsung had presented. Samsung argued that these references anticipated all of the claims in the ‘381 patent; invalidating the patent. Then, the court methodically rejected the references and found that the references were not anticipatory.  On the basis of those prior art references, the court rejected Samsung’s anticipation argument and instead found that Samsung had not raised substantial questions about the validity of the ’381 patent.
Accordingly, the district court found that Apple would be likely to succeed on the validity issue. The Federal Circuit’s appellate opinion did not address the district court’s finding of likely validity.
Our next blog will discuss Apple’s argument about irreparable harm (the prong upon which the court denied injunctive relief on ‘381 infringement).
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